About Us

Founded in 1991, Community Home Trust (formerly Orange Community Housing and Land Trust) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen our community with affordable homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income households.

The Home Trust sold the first Home Trust home in June 2000. Today, there are more than 240 permanently affordable homes in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Our homeowners include nurses, university employees, teachers and others, who serve our community but otherwise could not afford to own a home here.

Permanent Affordability

Through our homeownership program, homes can accrue limited appreciation each year, preserving affordability for future generations while allowing current homeowners to build equity. While the Home Trust retains title to each property, ownership is conveyed using a renewable 99-year ground lease. Home Trust homeowners can bequeath their home to their heirs and have almost all the privileges of homeownership with two notable exceptions: the homes must be the primary residence and owners must resell their home to a buyer who qualifies for homeownership through the Home Trust.

Inclusionary Housing

Most Home Trust homes are built by private sector developers who are required to provide a percentage of affordable homes in their developments.  These homes are sold to the Home Trust at prices that are affordable to our buyers.

As a result of local governments’ housing policies, Community Home Trust is the primary provider of affordable housing in Orange County. Although housing prices in Chapel Hill and Carrboro remain high, these policies enable low-income households to live in quality homes in desirable neighborhoods. Our homes typically sell for between $90,000 and $155,000 or 30% to 50% below the market value. Home Trust homeowners live close to where they work and their children attend the best school systems in the state.

The Home Trust allows those who serve our community to live in our community. Our homeowners teach our children, take care of our sick, conduct lifesaving research, serve our vulnerable populations, drive our buses and volunteer in our towns.