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Ballentine, Carrboro

Built by M/I Homes in 2012, this community has a Chapel Hill address and a mix of single family homes and townhomes. Located in Carrboro down Hwy 86 near Lake Hogan Farms. The Home Trust has about 17 two and three bedroom townhomes. Homes sold for $125,000 and $135,000. The other developments show average investment basis, not sales price. If that is the case, the range would be $75,000-$135,000.
Broad  Street

Broad Street, Carrboro

Built in 2008, this is the first green-built home completed by the Home Trust. This 1,500 square foot, three bedroom home has Energy Star appliances and an energy efficient heating/cooling system designed by SystemVision. The home sold for $125,000 with the use of subsidy.


The Home Trust has a total of 12 duplex townhomes in this new development built by Zinn Design Build in 2010. Homes are 1,400 square feet and sell for between $115,000-$150,000, depending on buyer qualifications. The community includes a neighborhood pool, clubhouse and playground.

Crest Street, Carrboro

These two homes developed by the Home Trust in 2009 sold for $125,000. Both homes received SystemVision certification from the Advanced Energy Corporation. As SystemVision homes, the Crest Street properties have a plan-specific heating and cooling guarantee between $16 to $40 a month. The homes are walking distance from downtown Carrboro.
Culbreth Park

Culbreth Park

In 1989, the Town of Chapel Hill set out to develop an affordable housing community. They developed Culbreth Park and used deed restrictions to keep the homes affordable but quickly realized that this was an ineffective model. The Home Trust was asked to step in and buy homes that were being resold in order to keep them permanently affordable. The Home Trust repaired the homes and now six of the single family homes are in the Home Trust. Culbreth Park homes typically appraise for $200,000 but sell for $135,000 through the Home Trust.
East 54

East 54

Only a mile from the UNC campus, this mixed-use development built by East West Partners in 2009 contains 34 permanently affordable one and two bedroom condos. Home Trust units sold for $95,000-$105,000. Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, Home Trust homeowners can walk to restaurants and other amenities. The building includes a fitness room and roof top pool.

Eugene Street, Carrboro

The Town of Carrboro gifted this lot to the Home Trust which built a 1,500 square foot, three bedroom, “green-built” home in 2008. Using public subsidy, the buyers bought the home for $125,000. The home features Energy Star appliances and an energy efficient heating/cooling system designed by System Vision.


The Home Trust has 15 one and two bedroom condos in this energy-efficient condo development located in downtown Chapel Hill. Built by Greenbridge Developments, LLC in 2010, Home Trust condos sold for $82,000-$115,000. The building was built with LEED Gold Certification requirements which includes green roofs, Energy Star appliances, water conserving fixtures and natural day lighting.


Located in Meadowmont Village, the 16 condos at Greenway are all in the Home Trust. Built in 2003 by White Oak Properties, the 10 one bedroom and six two bedroom units originally sold for $80,000 and $140,000. Homeowners have a private balcony and secured entrances. They are within walking distance from shops, restaurants, a grocery store and a walking trail.


This development was one of the first required by the Town of Chapel Hill to include affordable housing. Developed by Zinn Design Build in 2004, 13 single family homes in this subdivision are permanently affordable. Home Trust homes average 1,500 square feet and include a one car garage on a large lot. Home Trust homes in Larkspur originally sold for between $110,000-$150,000. Homeowners enjoy a pool, clubhouse and playground.

Legion Road Townhomes

The Home Trust built these 14 two and three bedroom townhomes in 2001 on land donated by the Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County. Each of the two story units has a deck with attached storage areas. Homes originally sold for $85,000 and $95,000.

Milton Avenue

The very first inclusionary affordable homes in Chapel Hill are four homes on Milton Avenue, just off Franklin Street. These homes were sold to the Home Trust in 2001 by the developer of the Franklin Grove development. Today, two of the homes, which sold for about $125,000 originally, are owned by families, one of whom is the original owner. One is a Section 8 rental property serving a very low income family.

Montclair, Chapel Hill

In 2012 the Home Trust received a gorgeous new three bedroom home built by Zinn Design Build in this neighborhood. Resting among high-end custom built homes this house offers a sizable lot and is across the street from Culbreth Middle school. It sold for $165,000.


In 2003, Community Home Trust teamed with two other nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity and EmPOWERment, to purchase and redevelop seven abandoned and dilapidated single family homes in the historic Northside neighborhood. The neighborhood is walking distance to UNC and downtown Carrboro. Homes sold for around $118,000.

Pacifica Cohousing

Designed and built by Giles Blunden, a local architect, this cohousing community in Carrboro has seven Home Trust units ranging from one to three bedrooms. Home Trust homes sold for $76,000-$111,000 in 2006. Residents donate time each month towards community projects. The community has several large bike sheds and a Common House with a large kitchen and guest suites.

Pleasant Drive, Carrboro

This is the first Home Trust home. It was sold to the Home Trust below market value by Mark Hoffman and Maureen Drisc in 2000.
Rosemary Place

Rosemary Place

These 32 townhomes in Meadowmont Village are the second major development taken on by the Home Trust. Built on land donated by East West Partners in 2003, the two bedroom homes were originally sold for $80,000 and the three bedroom homes sold for $95,000. The Home Trust worked with J. Davis Architects and Resolute Building Co. to build these homes to Advanced Energy’s SystemVision specifications. Homeowners are a short distance from the UNC Wellness Center, grocery store, and shops and restaurants.
Vineyard Square

Vineyard Square

Built by Centex in 2004-2005, the Home Trust has 30 two and three bedroom townhomes in this community. Home Trust homes sold for $90,000 and $105,000 in 2005.

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