CHT Staff Binge Recommendations

Published On: November 21st, 2022|Categories: Our Organization|

Got some time off coming up? Maybe you’re looking for your next great binge? We asked our staff members what they’re binge watching, reading, or listening to these days. Here are some of their recommendations:

    • Community Manager Felicia Stroud recommends grabbing some popcorn and watching From Scratch on Netflix. She says it’s a good love story for the weak at heart – and she recommends being prepared with tissues!
    • Sales Manager Amy Slaughter prefers to snack on cake while she’s bingeing Holiday Baking Championship on the Food Network – of course! She says she loves seeing the contestants use their creativity to make beautiful desserts with unique flavor combinations and gets lots of yummy ideas for her Christmas parties. She recommends it for anyone who loves to bake like she does.
    • Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator Ivelisse Mercado prefers a healthier snack – hummus and veggies – while she’s bingeing Friends. She loves the nostalgia and the 90s aesthetic.
    • Program Coordinator Deja Gilmore recommends watching The Woman King. She says it speaks about African culture and how a group of all-female warriors protect their kingdom of Dahomey. While she watches, she snacks on gushers, candy, and chips.
    • Development and Donor Relations Manager Calvin Burton has recently been watching She-Hulk on the Disney Channel. He says it’s really funny and not what you might expect. His binge snack of choice is chips and pickles.
    • Property Manager Ian Morse recommends grabbing a beer and nachos and watching The Good Place. He says it’s funny and has a diverse cast, and it lets you pretend you’re “thinking” when you’re really just watching TV.
    • As for the bookworms on our team, Marketing and Communications Manager Daniele Berman recently finished three of Emily St. John Mandel’s books: Station Eleven, The Glass Hotel, and Sea of Tranquility. She says they’re technically not a trilogy, but the way the three books overlap is brilliant and mind-bending, so you have to read all three! She recommends them for anyone who is a fan of dystopian fiction and beautiful, economical writing. And she suggests (very) salty popcorn to go with them.
    • Executive Director Kimberly Sanchez prefers to read a murder mystery novel series while she snacks on M&Ms. She’s currently reading Still Life by Louise Penny. Kimberly recommends murder mysteries for anyone who likes solving puzzles.

What are you reading or watching right now? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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