Giving Tuesday

In 2017, when Community Home Trust acquired The Landings at Winmore, we did so with the trust of our community and the encouragement of our partners – and with the goal of building community among the residents of the Landings’ 58 units. On Giving Tuesday 2020, we’re asking you to help us with the next step of that process: renovating the shared community space.

The current common space at the Landings is a large, bright room, furnished with well-worn living room furniture and an unused entertainment center. Because of a lack of access, amenities, and security doors, the room is not accessible to residents and sits largely unused. Members of the Landings Tenant Advocacy Committee (TAC) have shared their desire that the space be converted into an accessible multipurpose space, including computers and internet access as well as room for community activities and fellowship.

We have already begun planning this project and are ready to get started – but we need your help! In order to ensure that the room is safe and accessible for all residents, we need to make modifications to the room, including adding doors, and acquire furniture and equipment. All told, we expect this project to cost approximately $15,000. On Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping to jump start the project by raising 10% of the cost of the project: $1500. Can you help us get started?

Visit or text CHTLandings to 762-78 to make a donation. Every dollar helps!

Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about the project: