Landings Board of Managers


Kimberly Sanchez, CHT Executive Director

Kelley Gregory, CHT Board Chair

Bruce Warrington, CHT Board Treasurer

Makeda Ma’at, Landings resident

Tanya Pace, Landings resident


The Landings Board of Managers is and advisory group established to assist the sole member (CHT) with operations of The Landings LLC, by assistance with the following, but not limited to:

  • Making recommendations to CHT for issues related to tenant satisfaction, asset preservation, budget and other matters
  • Maintaining communication and transparency of decisions made by The Landings LLC, to the residents at The Landings
  • Working in conjunction with the Tenant Advocacy Committee and third-party management company to maintain tenant satisfaction and address issues that fall within the purview of the Board of Managers
  • Any other responsibilities delegated by CHT