2020 has been a challenge for all of us in so many ways. Thankfully, Community Home Trust (CHT) residents have had the security of their homes during these uncertain times.

These residents include individuals like Kyong M., a nurse and single mother. Just last year, Kyong and her daughter were able to relocate from a small one-bedroom apartment to their very own home. During this challenging year, as a frontline essential worker, Kyong couldn’t be more grateful to have her home as a sanctuary for herself and her daughter. “It is very, very peaceful and beautiful, and very safe for our community,” shares Kyong. “I’m very lucky to have this house here.”

Thanks to the support of our community, Community Home Trust has been here to help residents like Kyong and her daughter feel the security of having a home while so much in our world has been in flux this year. 

The impact of the pandemic has impaired our community’s physical, emotional, and economic well-being – but from the very beginning of this crisis, Community Home Trust has connected with our homeowners one-on-one and stayed in close contact with our tenants. We secured funding specifically to aid our residents facing economic hardships due to the pandemic, while assisting them in making short-term and long-range plans as this crisis has extended well beyond what anyone could have imagined. We have been a consistent support and partner as so many of our residents have faced many difficult circumstances this year.

As the year comes to a close, will you invest in our work today so that we can continue to make this experience possible for more families in the uncertain days ahead? With your help, those who serve our community – like Kyong and other frontline workers – will have the security of affordable housing as they continue to navigate this extremely challenging and unusual time.

When you make a gift today, you can be the key that unlocks doors to homes that can be sanctuaries for more new homeowners like Kyong and her daughter.