Standing with Our AAPI Neighbors and Community Members

As our country is yet again wrestling with a very public and devastating hate crimethis time targeting members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in Atlantaour team at Community Home Trust is reminded of the power of words – both to harm and to heal – and the importance of putting our words into action. Racism and hate crimes are not new, sadly, but yet another tragic instance of racist violence reminds us that members of our community are targeted every dabecause of their race. We stand with our AAPI family members, friends, and neighbors, and we grieve with and for the AAPI community, especially the family and friends of the victims of the attack in Atlanta.  

As a staff team, even as we again reaffirm our commitment to being an antiracist organization and as we have just begun our equity training with Build from the Heart, we also commit to taking action today and every day as we are presented with opportunities to take a stand against racism in all its forms. We have found this guide, Speak Up!, presented by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to be a powerful resource for choosing how to respond to instances of bigotry in all settings and relationships, from work to school, from public settings to intimate relationships, and we commend it to you as well if you are looking for practical, actionable ways to put your antiracist words into action.