Stewardship and a Facelift

If you’re a CHT homeowner, you may remember learning about our Stewardship Program during your contract meeting. Even if you’re not a homeowner, you may have read about the program on our website and wondered what it was all about.

Our Property Manager, Ian Morse, sums it up this way: “The Stewardship Program is a monthly investment for CHT’s homeowners. They have paid into the system, and they are entitled to this benefit. We want our homeowners to use it to ensure that they’re maintaining their homes well and being proactive about it.”

So how does it work? CHT homeowners pay a monthly fee, the amount of which is determined by the type of home they live in and the projected costs for maintaining certain systems in that home in the future. Then, when a covered major home system repair or replacement is needed, CHT pays for that work on behalf of the homeowner. If you’re a CHT homeowner and have specific questions about how to access that funding, contact Ian at or 919.967.1545 x306.

What’s covered? Since every home is different, exactly which systems in each home are covered by the stewardship program differs. As an example,
the stewardship program may cover the

  • roof and gutter system
  • water heater
  • central heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system
  • floor coverings
  • exterior paint and siding, and
  • termite treatment (including annual termite
    warranty inspections).

For homes in a development with a homeowner’s association (HOA), the HOA may be responsible for maintenance of some of the systems listed above
(the roof, exterior paint, and termite treatment, for example). The stewardship program does not cover systems that are the HOA’s responsibility. And, since some homes have unique needs or systems, CHT may have decided that additional systems are covered by the program. If you’re a CHT homeowner and have specific questions about how to access that funding, contact Ian at or 919.967.1545 x306. You can also read and download the full Stewardship Program Guidelines here.

Ultimately, says Ian, “When homeowners are proactive about accessing the Stewardship Program for their home maintenance needs, that’s better for them and their house, and for the sustainability of the program.”

A project currently underway in Old Larkspur is a great example of the Stewardship Program at work.

Last year, a CHT homeowner reached out to Ian about painting the exterior of her house. Homes in Old Larkspur were built between 2003 and 2007, so they were definitely ready for a facelift — and ultimately, when Ian reached out to them about the option of using stewardship funds to have their homes repainted, six CHT homeowners in Old Larkspur decided to opt in. While homeowners have the option of choosing their own vendors for any work they have done as long as the cost stays within CHT’s approved budget for the project, Ian was able to negotiate a great rate with one of our preferred vendors because there were six homes being painted in one neighborhood. And while each homeowner is ultimately responsible for their individual contract with the vendor, Ian helps everyone navigate the process to ensure success.

With the dry weather we’re having this week, the work is underway, and six homes in Old Larkspur will soon have their facelift complete. Here are some “before” pictures — we look forward to sharing the “after” pictures here soon!