“Thank you, thank you and thank you some more! After moving from apartment to apartment since college, it is so refreshing to know that I have one secure place to live and settle. I appreciate all you did to make this possible.”

Katie Phelps

Home Trust Homeowner and Teacher

“The Home Trust is a valuable part of our community.  As a homeowner, I was able to purchase a safe, beautiful home in a great location that enabled me to put down roots in the community. As a community member, I am so glad that our county and towns have made affordable housing a priority.”

Jocelyn Dawson

Home Trust Alumna

“We just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the Home Trust for helping Frankie and me buy our very 1st house! We are so excited to be homeowners and can’t believe we will be starting the new year living in our own little dream house! We truly appreciate everything all of you did to help make our dream a reality!”

Katie and Frankie Petrola

Home Trust homeowners

“Thanks for the awesome experience I had with the Community Home Trust. Although I ended up buying a house in the private market, I was able to do that because you had helped me learn about mortgages and credit and introduced me to a great loan officer who made my loan go so smoothly.

As a single person earning a modest salary, I thought homeownership was probably beyond me, until I heard about the Community Home Trust. The Home Trust gave me the confidence boost I needed to get out and meet with lenders and start looking for a home. Thanks to what I learned from taking your home-buying class and doing the required session with a financial counselor, I knew how to select a house and a mortgage product that worked for me and my budget.

I am so in love with my little house, and I know it would have taken me years more to get here without the support of the Community Home Trust. Thank you so much for helping more people with low and middle incomes become homeowners.”

Susan Hardy

First time home buyer

“Without the Community Home Trust, I would have never been able to afford a home in Chapel Hill… I love my home. It is so close to everything I need including shopping, dining,  the gym at the UNC Wellness Center, my job and even the grocery store. Being on a bus line allows me to easily commute to and from my job at UNC and by taking the free bus I don’t have to battle traffic, put miles on my car, buy gas as often, or pay for parking on campus. Living in such a wonderful community allows me to not only save money but also helps to save the environment as well. Thanks for providing me with such a wonderful home!”

Lara Bailey

Home Trust homeowner and UNC employee

“Ann and I have met and worked with everyone at CHT over the past 6 months while we worked through the purchase of our new home.  It would not have been possible without each and every one of you.  Thank you so much for the help and support while Ann and I navigated the complex process of obtaining a mortgage and purchasing a home.  We are also glad for the on-going resources offered by the CHT to keep things in good order as we live in our home.  Carrboro has been our home for many years and we look forward to all the future years here as home owners!”

Greg Sherman, Ann Neville and Margaret Neville

Firefighter, Home Trust Homeowners

“Honestly I didn’t believe when someone told me that “we can close a house in a month…” I’m looking back to past and I realized that we did not own a house a month ago from now.

Now we have own our home. We love our family home. It’s even new. It couldn’t have [been] done without team work.

I believe, this organization has been [helpful] to a lot of people, and we really appreciate what the organization has been doing for community.

Thank you so much for bringing happiness to our family.”

Tun Tun Kyaw, Hnin Ei Pyone and Family

Home Trust Homeowners

“Thank you all so much for your time, hard work and patience!

I love, love, love, my new ‘HOME…’ Wow! I’m so thankful for so many things but none of this would have happened if I hadn’t run into Tony a few months ago.  I really didn’t know anything about this wonderful organization and it certainly has changed my life… I hope you know your good work is making a difference for lots of people and families.”

Gail Kirkpatrick

Home Trust Homeowner

“I just wanted to write you and say thank you for all the help you’ve provided to me with regards to the condo purchase at Greenbridge. I’ve very much looking forward to closing in less than two weeks. Working with the CHT has been a real learning experience and pleasure for me.  There ought to be many more organizations like yours around for folks in need.  I really appreciate what y’all do for the community”

Terrill Wright

Home Trust Homeowner

“These muffins and the hot apple cider is a small gesture of thanks for all the hard work you all do every day for the residents (and potential residents) of Orange County!  Please know that your efforts and hard work on behalf of others in not unnoticed!  You are appreciated!”

Some Grateful Friends (Anonymous)