Weatherization and Energy Efficiency

Published On: July 23rd, 2021|Categories: Tips and Recommendations|

This is the second post in our ongoing series of maintenance tips for homeowners. You can read the first post on gutter maintenance here

It’s hot outside, and that likely means you’re running your air conditioning and fans pretty regularly. “Now is a great time to make sure you’re not wasting energy keeping your home cool,” says Property Manager Ian Morse.

One way all homeowners can make sure they’re not wasting money — and can help protect the environment, too — is weatherization. Put simply, weatherization is the practice of modifying a building to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy use, and protect it from the elements, including sunlight, wind, and precipitation. All buildings can benefit from increased energy efficiency, saving on energy costs and prolonging the life and health of the structure.

We are committed to supporting our homeowners as you work to keep your energy costs as low as possible and weatherize your homes. In the past, that has meant using the SystemVision program when we remodeled homes in the Northside neighborhood in Chapel Hill, and we expect that the new homes we’re building in Homestead Gardens will be certified under the same system. And after early success building energy efficiency into new construction projects, such as at Rosemary Place, we continue to try to use lessons learned to help homeowners and HOAs weatherize and improve energy efficiency of existing houses.

Here are some tips from Ian to help you keep your energy costs down while staying comfortable:

  • Check your weatherstripping around doors, the locks and seals on your windows, and other places air may leak in and out of your home.
  • Ensure good sealing between “penetrations,” those places where wiring and pipes cross between your home and the attic and/or crawlspace.
  • Consider adding weather stripping and foam board insulation to your attic access. Check out this how-to video.

Wondering how to know where you can make improvements? Duke Energy customers can request a free in-home energy assessment to get specific tips for improving their energy efficiency.

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