What is the Capital Improvement Incentive Program?

At Community Home Trust, we are always working to improve our partnership with our homeowners and tenants. We’ve listened to you, and your feedback helped us come up with the Capital Improvement Program, launched in October 2020. Owning a home through Community Home Trust has always been a smart investment. But with this new program, you can now get even more return on that investment when you make certain improvements to your home.

If your Community Home Trust home is at least ten years old and you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or install new windows, you’re eligible to apply for the program. When you invest in making these improvements, we’ll ensure that whenever you are ready to sell your home, that investment is reflected in a calculated increase to the sale price of your home.

For example, if you spend $8,000 to remodel your kitchen and you are on the 1% AMI Appreciation Model in your ground lease (home purchased 2012-present), you could earn up to 70% of your investment back when you sell your home — that’s $5,600! (The exact amount you earn will depend on several factors, including the amount of time between the completion of your improvement project and your resale.)

Homeowner Anne Gross recently made use of this new program, and she’s very glad she did. “It was important to me to take advantage of this program because it offers some appreciation of my home based on a kitchen upgrade,” shares Anne. “The process was simple and easy. It was also affirming to be acknowledged for taking pride in improving my kitchen. I highly recommend using this incentive program.”

If your home is ten years old or older and you’re thinking about remodeling, you definitely don’t want to overlook this opportunity. You can find all the details about the program and how to apply on our website, and you can contact Lori Woolworth if you have any questions.