What We Care About

By Kimberly Sanchez, Executive Director

Welcome to our brand-new blog — and not a moment too soon! What a wild ride 2020 has been, culminating in what was apropos, a wild ride of a presidential election.

Community Home Trust (CHT) is a nonpartisan organization. We don’t care if you support red, blue, green, or any other fabulous color. What we care about is making sure every member of our community has a safe, clean home to rest their head in at night.

Regardless of politics, most everyone agrees housing is an important issue. Sure, some administrations put housing low on their list of priorities, but administrations change. What really matters is US, the community (the place AND the people), where we work, play, send our kids to school, visit our favorite restaurants, and spend time with our friends and family — and that our community understands the importance of this issue and shares their resources in support.

National politics certainly took up our time over the last few weeks; like I imagine many of you were, I was preoccupied with hitting that refresh button on the web browser every hour wanting to know the result. And then the decision stretched out for days — that was anxiety producing! For affordable housing nonprofit organizations like ours, it is exciting that the incoming administration has affordable housing on its list of issues to discuss because the national conversations are important. Support in Washington, D.C. can lead to more funding and more conversations, which is great news for our work together.

But this national election also reminded me (as I frustratingly refreshed my web browser over and over) of the words of Sister Bernie, a Catholic nun of incredible resilience, who inspired me to serve others: “Act Local and Think Global.” Brilliant! Being reminded of those wise words made me stop the web browser refreshing and get to work, connecting with the local politics. Because if we are going to get it right, it needs to be right here, in our community, where we spend our time and care for each other.

Now that the election is behind us, it’s time to jump feet first into embracing the spirit of this season. I’m thankful for the commitment of Orange County, the Town of Chapel Hill, and the Town of Carrboro’s leaders and all our supporters for their consistent support of CHT and affordable housing.

P.S. I’m also thankful for this blog (and our new Manager of Communications and Marketing for setting it up)!

Stick with us. We have a lot to say.