Homeowner Stories: Meet Ron

“For me, as a person of faith, I just kept thinking that if this is what God wants for me, it will happen.” That’s how Ron, who retired from his job at UNC Hospitals two years ago, thought about the process of applying to Community Home Trust and waiting to be eligible for a home. He finally closed on his condo in August of 2020, and he couldn’t be more grateful for the first home he has ever owned.

Ron grew up in Raleigh, where he and his mom always lived in apartments — as he has done his whole adult life, too. He worked for 42 years at UNC Hospitals, 38 of those as a pharmacy technician working with investigational drugs. “It was exciting to work with a drug over the months and years and then for it to come on the market, and I’ve seen dramatic changes in people’s lives through the trials,” says Ron.

Ron applied to CHT about three years ago and didn’t immediately qualify for the program. So he patiently continued to check in, but he admits he was concerned when he retired. “I really felt like as a senior citizen, I just didn’t really know if they would want to offer a property to me.” In August of 2020, though, Ron did qualify for a property, and it’s been a great fit. In particular, Ron is grateful for the elevator in his building, which makes it much easier for him to get groceries and other things upstairs to his condo since he has osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. He also has a wonderful view from his balcony, and so much of what he needs in his daily life is within a few blocks of his home: credit union, drug store, gym, coffee shop, fire department.

“The biggest challenge for me,” shares Ron, “is going from being a renter to putting on an owner’s cap.” But he thinks anyone considering applying to Community Home Trust should know that the staff is really there for you through the whole process: from beginning the application process through all the work of purchasing your home and even once you’ve moved in and are assuming the responsibilities of a homeowner for the first time. “The staff at Community Home Trust are really on your side. They really want to help you to get into a property that really suits you and would really benefit your life,” says Ron.