When you make a donation to Community Home Trust, your gift helps us achieve our mission of providing permanently affordable housing opportunities to diverse populations in partnership with our communities.

  • $25 covers the cost of helping a homeowner with a stewardship request, providing essential repairs to major home systems like HVAC and roofing — and that’s just $2 per month!

  • $50 provides a one-hour financial counseling session, an essential step in the homebuying process for a first-time homebuyer — and your monthly donation of just $6 can provide this!

  • $100 allows us to complete a subsidy request on behalf of a first-time homebuyer, providing essential financing to keep housing costs affordable — and you can provide this level of support with a gift of just $8.50 per month!

  • $250 finances an entire 8-hour homebuyer education class, a required step in the process for all of our first-time homeowners — and your monthly gift of $21 will completely cover the cost!

  • And if you give $250 per month, your annual donation of $3000 will cover the entire cost of helping one first time homebuyer get into their permanently affordable home!

When you make your gift a monthly recurring donation, you multiply your annual impact twelve times over!

Are you a North Carolina state employee? Our SECC Charity Designation Code is 1808.

“Housing you can afford is one of the first necessities in life to be able to function. You need a place to shelter, and Community Home Trust has such a loving and helpful mission to provide that for people.” — CHT homeowner