Community Solutions for Employee Affordable Housing

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In Chatham County, where the population is growing rapidly, Chatham County Schools (CCS) faces a pressing need for quality teachers. But there’s a significant challenge: the cost of housing is rising, surpassing the annual salaries of teachers. Recognizing this issue, CCS collaborated with the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) to create the CHOOSE Chatham Master Lease Program, in partnership with Community Home Trust (CHT).

This program aims to assist new teachers in finding affordable housing options. CHT secures rental apartments and offers them to teachers at a reduced monthly rate. Teachers contribute only 30% of their gross household income towards rent. While tenants are responsible for utilities, the rent also includes an allowance to cover these costs. Through this initiative, teachers can live close to the schools where they work, fostering a stronger sense of community.

If you are a teacher in Chatham County Schools who has been recommended for the CHOOSE Chatham program, please complete the application below.

If not, you are welcome to explore other affordable housing options available through Community Home Trust.