UNC Health revolving loan fund

Community Home Trust would like to express its support of the UNC Health proposal to create a revolving loan fund for the development, preservation and maintenance of affordable housing in Chapel Hill. This is a tool in the affordable housing toolbox that is currently unavailable and critically needed to support affordable housing in our community.


May 15, 2023

“Missing Middle” Text Amendments, Chapel Hill LUMO

Community Home Trust (CHT) is supportive of amending the LUMO to address Missing Middle housing. Over the past 30 years, Community Home Trust has had the honor of being able to support low and moderate-income individuals and families to purchase homes in developments that were created primarily for market-rate homeowners.

In our 30 years of engagement with inclusionary policy, we know that diversity of housing brings a diversity of neighbors and gives opportunities to those who may have otherwise been excluded. In addition, CHT does not support zoning policies that are exclusionary. Exclusionary zoning policies are historically based on racism and fear and CHT opposes them.


April 18, 2023