This fund provides no-interest loans to CHT homeowners in need of repairs and/or replacement of items related to the long-term sustainability of their homes. Payment assistance is available for items not covered by HOAs, insurance, or the Stewardship Program and prioritizes support for urgent and/or immediate needs.

Eligible Uses: 

  • HVAC repair or replacement
  • Roof and exterior maintenance (including gutters, paint, trim, etc.)
  • Hot water heater repair or replacement
  • Crawlspace Repairs
  • Mold Remediation
  • Plumbing leaks (including possible water damage)
  • Plumbing repair (e.g. faucet loose or not working, sewer back up, replacement of sewer line)   
  • Water/mold damage from exterior water intrusion or condensation 
  • Rot or deterioration of entrance stairs or deck/porch 
  • Electrical repairs 
  • Window/ exterior door replacement   
  • Dryer exhaust duct repair   
  • Tree removal (trees or large limbs that could damage house structure) 
  • Accessibility/mobility after accident  
  • Pest control issues/damage 
  • Other repairs deemed necessary for safe and healthy habitation 
  • Other repairs deemed necessary for the preservation of the home or affordability

Submit an application to the fund.

Questions? Contact Deputy Director Caroline Veloso Karras at or 919.967.1545 x309.

Learn more about the establishment of the fund and Robert Dowling, our former executive director, in whose honor it was established.