Here are some how-to videos recommended by our team to help you maintain your home.

Videos are for education purposes only. CHT does not necessarily endorse doing these projects and recommends homeowners discuss DIY projects with qualified professionals before attempting any repairs (view our Approved Vendors). CHT has no affiliation with any of the entities listed.

Smoke Alarms

7:25 | How to Check the Expiration Date and Replace a Hard-Wired Smoke Alarm

6:06 | How to Replace a Hard-Wired Smoke Detector

5:28 | Stop a Smoke Alarm Chirping with 3 Quick Fixes


2:23 | How Do P-Traps Work?

10:07 | How to Unclog a Sink — the Right Way

5:15 | Unclogging Bathroom Drains with a Zip-It

5:05 | Deconstructed: Toilet

7:16 | Plumbing 101: Understanding Your Toilet and How It Works

8:50 | How To: Toilet Valve Replacement

8:18 | Dripping Sink Repair

1:43 | Toilet Seat Tightening

7:23 | All About Water Heaters

4:46 | How to Maintain an Electric Water Heater

2:52 | Understanding New Water Heater Regulations

4:01| Deconstructed: Hot Water Heater — How It Works

8:18 | How Do Gas Water Heaters Work?


8:36 | How a Heat Pump Works

7:25 | How Does the Air Conditioner Work?

11:51 | How to Program a Honeywell Thermostat


4:21 | How Electrical Circuit Breakers and GFCIs Protect a Home

6:17 | How to Use a Voltage Tester

6:01 | How to Understand Two-Prong Outlets

1:36 | GCFI: How It Works and How to Test It

3:09 | Hidden Tool In an Outlet Few Know


2:31 | How to Coil an Electrical Cord

5:50 | How to Install a Bathroom Fan

2:14 | How to Hang Heavy Mirrors and Pictures on a Wall

2:14 | Hidden Tool in a Caulk Gun

5:45 | How to Install Perfectly Spaced Cabinet Door Pulls

3:40 | How You Can Tell If a Window Seal Is Broken

6:52 | How to Avoid Solar Panel Scams

10:21 | How to Safely Use Ladders

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