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Published On: January 2nd, 2024|Categories: Homeowner Stories|

By Moksha Sharon Kolman, CHT homeowner since 2011

My husband and I bought a house in the Pacifica Co-Housing community in Carrboro during its initial building phase. We moved there with our two girls. We heard about the Community Home Trust when we were building, and a few of our neighbors had bought CHT homes there in the Pacifica community. After a few years my husband and I separated. I had no idea how I would afford a decent house for myself and my daughters. I could not afford our house in Pacifica since I had been self-employed and worked less to be available for our girls and run the household. Then I remembered the CHT. I applied to be part of the Community Home Trust Program and began to visit some of the available houses. I remember first seeing a 3 BR on Sonoma Way. The bedrooms were all upstairs, which was not the best for my knees, but I remember thinking, Wow, I could have a nice house after all. I began to have hope.

I had heard about the CHT homes being built in the Claremont community so I went over to check out the neighborhood. I fell in love, first with the pool, and the wonderful neighborhood feel and the closeness to Bolin Creek. I applied for one of the homes and watched the progress of its construction. Being self-employed proved very challenging for meeting the income requirement, but along with the child support from my Ex., I managed to show what was required and I was placed on the wait list for the home. At first there were 8 people ahead of me, but after a few months I was notified that I was next in line. Getting a loan was time-consuming and challenging, but it finally came through and I was able to buy the house that I had set my heart on. My daughter was a senior in high school and was able to come home for lunch.

I have been here for 12 years, thankful every day for my beautiful green-built home, my neighbors and the beautiful, friendly, diverse neighborhood. Although my house was new, the roof was not put on correctly and had to be replaced much sooner than expected. My HVAC also failed way earlier than expected and CHT and the stewardship fund helped me get them replaced quickly and satisfactorily. The stewardship fund is an excellent way to help homeowners prepare for unexpected repairs of major items. I am very grateful for this aspect of the program!! And a special thanks to Ian for ALL his help with these repairs, the inspection and being a friendly helpful person in my life!!

I am grateful that the Community Home Trust exists here in Chapel Hill and for all that the CHT folks do for us and for keeping affordable housing a possibility for many folks who could not otherwise afford to live in Chapel Hill or Carrboro. THANK YOU!!!

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