A Healthy Home for the New Year

This is our first post in a new series of home maintenance tips from Ian Morse, our property manager. 

It’s a new year, and maybe you’re thinking about ways to make sure your home starts the year in great shape. Ian Morse, our property manager, says this checklist from the National Center for Healthy Housing is a good place to start. (Click on the images to view and download a full-size copy of the checklist.)

“One really important thing to focus on,” says Ian, “is gutter maintenance. Climate change means more, bigger storms. If gutters are full of leaves, downspouts are blocked, or water is pooling right at the foundation of the house, that has the potential to cause serious problems.”

Are your gutters in good shape? Take a look at this video and article for some helpful tips about protecting and repairing your gutters.

If you’re a CHT homeowner and you have questions about home maintenance, please plan to join Ian for an upcoming home maintenance class on Zoom or contact him directly: or 919-967-1545 xo306.