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Community Home Trust delivers housing affordability to diverse populations in partnership with our communities.

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Help Us Welcome New Board Member, Joan Rose!

“Home is a place to really feel settled. It’s a place to feel safe and protected and comfortable and happy to be in. It’s a place to welcome friends and family. It’s a place where I feel like my [...]

MLK Day Reflections

By Ivelisse Mercado, Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dedication to using his voice to impact and spark change permanently affects American history. He is an icon for social justice, equity, and community. There are [...]

‘Tis the Season — to Protect Your Pipes from Freezing!

The cold snap at the end of last year found many people scrambling to protect their most important investment: their home. While the weather has warmed up this week, it's likely we'll see more cold weather before this winter [...]

CHT Staff Binge Recommendations

Got some time off coming up? Maybe you’re looking for your next great binge? We asked our staff members what they’re binge watching, reading, or listening to these days. Here are some of their recommendations: Community Manager Felicia Stroud [...]

Homeowner Stories: Meet Savannah

“What do you have to lose?” That’s Savannah’s advice to anyone considering applying to buy a home with Community Home Trust. “Getting this type of opportunity opens so many doors. And the people who are working there are there [...]

  • DIY (Do It Yourself)

DIY Video Library

Maybe your smoke alarm keeps chirping, and you can't figure out why. Or your sink is clogged, and it seems like the sort of thing you really could fix without a plumber's help -- but you're just not sure [...]


By Caroline Veloso Oliveira, Deputy Director At Community Home Trust we do a lot to bring hope to our applicants and community members on their dream regarding affordable housing. With all the work that we do and the remote work [...]

Annual Meeting and BLOCK PARTY 2022!

When we started planning for this year’s annual meeting and decided we would hold it in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic, our planning committee discussed the “vibe” we were aiming for with the event. [...]

Homeowner Stories: Meet Erika

Erika is a single mother to 8-year-old Serenity – and very recently, to a new kitten named Olive, too. Erika and Serenity added Olive to the family when they moved into their new condo at 140 W. Franklin Street [...]

Policy. Practice. Power.

By Kimberly Sanchez, Executive Director Last month, my colleague Daniele and I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. for Grounded Solutions Network’s annual conference. Grounded Solutions Network works nationally to connect local housing experts, specifically community land [...]

Two Cents for Affordable Housing

Editor's note: This post, "Two Cents for Affordable Housing," by Chuck Mills, originally appeared on Triangle Blog Blog and is reshared here with permission under Creative Commons license CC BY-NA-SA 4.0. Author Chuck Mills is a long-time Community Home [...]

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