Board Retreat

This past Saturday, our Board of Directors spent the day at a virtual retreat. During their time together, they celebrated CHT’s successes over the past year, talked about this year’s celebration of our 30th birthday, and laid the groundwork for our work over the next five years. “It was a high-energy, encouraging, and extremely productive time together,” said Executive Director Kimberly Sanchez. “I am really excited about the work ahead and our board’s vision and plans for what we can accomplish together.” 

As we prepare to embark on a strategic planning process to map out our next five years, the board set six priority areas:  

  1. Outreach and resource provision 
  2. Geographic growth 
  3. Equity of opportunity 
  4. University collaboration 
  5. Expansion to meet the need 
  6. Freer diversified funding 

These priorities will form the framework for CHT’s upcoming strategic planning process, serving as guideposts as we make plans for our programs and growth. We are so grateful to have such an engaged, enthusiastic board, who have such a deep understanding of the need for and path forward with affordable housing in our community! 

Thank you, CHT board!