Homeowner Stories: Meet Lorna

Originally from Jamaica, Lorna came to Chapel Hill about 30 years ago. She’s a 59-year-old housekeeper who works in the operating room at a local hospital. And as of this past December, she has been a Community Home Trust homeowner for one year.

Lorna admits that working on the front lines during the pandemic, especially early on, could be scary. She and her teammates normally wear one disposable mask for each room they clean, and then they throw it away as soon as they leave the room. But when PPE was in short supply, each employee was given a paper bag and one mask to wear for five full days of work. Although several of her coworkers were exposed to COVID-19 and did have to quarantine, Lorna stayed healthy.

When she moved into Chandler Woods in December of 2019, Lorna was one of the first homeowners in the neighborhood. Since then, the community has continued to fill up with families with children, pets, and great neighbors. “I feel really safe and comfortable here,” says Lorna, “even when I come home at 4 or 5 a.m. after working overtime. Everyone here is really friendly and neighborly.”

Lorna admits that she never thought homeownership was something she could achieve. “I always wanted to be able to own a home, but I do housekeeping, so I really didn’t think it was within my reach.” When her niece told her about Community Home Trust, she was surprised to learn that it was a possibility after all.

“They held my hand because a lot of times [during the process], I would get frustrated. It’s a great group of people who just root for you and want you to win every day.” It took Lorna about 15 months from when she first applied until she had her finances in order and found the right home. “With a program like Community Home Trust, I don’t know how they do it. I believe God put them together for people like me who would not normally be able to purchase a home like that. I don’t know how they came up with the program, or how they put it together, but it works!”


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